Impacts on Nova Scotia’s Economy

Nova Scotia is the place for opportunity! There is something for everyone around here. Whether it’s an academic learning opportunity, apprenticeship or job, you likely don’t have to look too far. The Nova Scotia Business Inc. along with other organizations are always signing new agreements with companies to expand into Halifax to create jobs and generate revenue into the province. Have a look at what is going on in your community that makes Nova Scotia a great place to work and to live!

Music mogul branches out in N.S.

The man responsible for the careers of Destiny’s Child, his daughter Beyonce Knowles and The O’Jays has now set some roots down in the Nova Scotia business community.

Mathew Knowles, entrepreneur, music mogul and manager, announced Tuesday he is partnering with New Glasgow company Velsoft Training Materials to create courses for a new e-learning platform.

“We are so pleased to announce the Knowles Institute, and we will be offering e-learning in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership and in music business,” he said in an interview with The Chronicle Herald.

“We have over 900 courses launching over 60 days. This educational process allows people to learn at their own pace, and that will be the future of learning.”

This is Knowles’ first time in Halifax, and he was infatuated with the energy in the area.

“People are so nice. This is sort of small-town yet there’s this sophisticated feel here. I’m so appreciative to be here,” he said.


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