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Phone:  902.468.2515 or 1.800.344.2001            Fax: 902.468.2533 or 1.877.220.2533

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NSAR Staff

Roger Boutilier, BBA, MBA, FCGA, CRAE Chief Executive Officer     902-468-3447

Heather Chisholm
, Executive Assistant   902-468-7565

Paige Hoveling,
Government Relations Coordinator    902-468-5764

Bonnie Wigg, CRAE,
Director of MLS® & Member Services    902-468-5870

Steve Killorn,
MLS® Training and Support   902-468-8042

Carla Salter,
MLS® Coordinator    902-468-5873

Jesse Ward
, MLS® Compliance Coordinator     902-468-6986

Nicole Kreiger, CRAE,
Director of Education    902-468-5765

Claire Beck,
Education Coordinator   902-468-7487

Tanya White,
Communications Advisor   902-468-5874

Candice Mittelstadt,
Graphic Layout Coordinator    902-883-5596

Joyce Duke, CGA,
Director of Finance, Administration & IT     902-468-5763

Pam Harnish,
Accounting Coordinator    902-468-4592

Caitlyn Davies
, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant   902-468-0063

Katie Handrahan
, Administrative Assistant     902-468-5876​