REALTOR® Career Development Program

NSAR’s vision is for all REALTORS® in Nova Scotia to be recognized for high levels of client satisfaction, outstanding professionalism and use of best practices and industry knowledge. This will be the first comprehensive, competency-based professional development program for REALTORS® in Canada.

REALTOR® Career Development Program (or RCD™ Program) will have a significant impact on attaining this vision. It will provide a program and individualized supports that will enable each REALTOR® to have a professional development program during their first 12 months in the industry.

The RCD™ program is developed on the foundation of three areas of competency. These core competencies are Managing Your Business, Developing Your Clientele and Facilitating Client Satisfaction. This program will integrate e-learning, on-the-job learning, peer learning and a brokerage-based mentoring program.

Once becoming a member of NSAR, the first step in this program is a full day in-person workshop called Learning to Learn. This will entail a full orientation to the requirements of the program as well as supportive tools and techniques to maximize your learning experience.

The remainder of the 12-month program will involve a series of six e-learning courses running simultaneously with on-the-job learning and other forms of learning under the careful observance of a mentor.