2016-2017 Continuing Professional Education Requirements for real estate licensees

A reminder to licensees that a recent NSREC Bylaw change moved the deadline for completing Continuing Professional Education from June 30th to June 15th, 2017

Brokers, managing brokers and associate brokers are required to complete the full-day broker mandatory course Understanding Self-Regulation and the Audit/Inspection Process

Salespeople must complete one of the following courses: Effective Communication and Real Estate or 2016-2017 NSAR Commercial Forum

Please note:

Brokers, managing brokers and associate brokers are not required to take the salespersons mandatory        

The NSAR commercial forum is a one-time offering

There is no elective requirement

All licensees must take the mandatory course specified for their level of licence and/or type of practice, but may additionally take another mandatory that may be of interest to them.